Empowering and teaching others to live life intuitively by remembering who we are, blending intuition with common sense, and coming from that place at all times ~ in all that we do...

How did you become an Intuitive?

With a huge amount of resistance and denial… kicking and screaming!

My writers group decided to meet at a new tearoom and one of the members arranged for us all to have a readings there. The tea leaf reader and I totally connected with each other and exchanged business cards. She was interested in hiring me to design her own tarot cards. (I had absolutely no idea what they were and hotfooted to Chapters to find a set for research.)

We met regularly for latte and carrot cake and one day she handed me a photo of a young woman. I held the photo and started talking. I glanced up to see my new friend looking as white as a sheet. It appeared that, as a little baby, her daughter had been in a secret ceremony sacred only to her culture. I had just said the sentence that was her daughter's descriptive sacred name.

My friend grabbed her Vision Quest set of cards and shoved them at me: "Tell me more!" I told her I had no idea what to do. She told me to turn over a card and tell her what I felt: "It's just like telling a story," she urged. Feeling rather foolish, I did. She gifted me her set and it remains with me all these years later. She kept on at me for at least another year to work as an Intuitive before I was willing to. I have never looked back.

© Shena Meadowcroft