Empowering and teaching others to live life intuitively by remembering who we are, blending intuition with common sense, and coming from that place at all times ~ in all that we do...

What about the issue of faith?

The assumption is often made that I do not believe in God, or have any recognized faith. I never comment on my beliefs simply because I feel it is one of the most private things about a person, their connection with who ever or whatever created them. What I do ask people to consider however, is exactly what do they imagine that it takes to sit down in front of a perfect stranger, day in and day out, often over the phone or by email, and trust that when you open your mouth you won't make a compete and utter fool of yourself? If that doesn't take faith, then I don't know what does!

I take no credit whatsoever that the information, guidance or wisdom comes from me. I am unshakeable about this. What I am willing to take credit for, however, is the sheer hell that I have gone through to go from being a total skeptic... to doing what I do today. This work involves a complete absence of ego, total and utter trust. And that is what my life lessons have been about.

I am still humbled every single time someone places their trust and the story of their life in my hands. I work extremely hard never, ever to abuse that trust. Unfortunately I work in a field that can be exceedingly ego-based, often with a complete lack of ethics and no sense of responsibility. I console myself that this fits the description of many other professions and careers.

And I simply give thanks that I inherently have always known who I am, what I have to share, and how to best go about it.

© Shena Meadowcroft