Empowering and teaching others to live life intuitively by remembering who we are, blending intuition with common sense, and coming from that place at all times ~ in all that we do...

What kind of information do you get?

I get concrete, detailed information about anything that is asked of me. The information can be about any kind of relationship, health issues, work, career choices, business, properties, educational choices, emotional issues, life path… essentially anything that you ask. If you have choices to make we will look them and establish which appears to be the best one to take. Sometimes it is hard to see the forest for the trees. I simply help you take a closer look at the whole picture so that the way becomes clearer for you. I also ask to receive suggestions and guidance to help you along the way. Sometimes that involves ways in which you can facilitate a decision or choice, sometimes how you can remove a blockage and move forward in your life.

These are just some examples of specific questions asked about some issues:

• With relationships, which cover family issues, friends and intimate relationships, I can look at what is going on, what direction you can take, help to resolve issues, improve relationships etc…

• With regard to your health, I can identify a particular health issue, establish the cause of it and suggest steps to be taken to relieve the problem. I always recommend a medical professional follow-up.

• As to your work, I can look at the job offer on the table and make recommendations around it, or look for avenues to pursue for the kind of job you are looking for.

• For your career, we might look at the possibilities you have… what excites you, and the ways to pursue those choices, or make changes that are timely when you need to move on.

• In a business decision, I can look at the people involved, and caution you if need be around any of the players. I can look at ways to expand your business, or how to go about selling it.

• In the purchase of a property, I can look at what needs to have a closer look at, the plumbing in the main bathroom for example. Or how to best go about selling a property.

• With educational choices I identify milestones along the way to look out for, potential changes of direction etc. and how to handle the stresses involved.

• In working with emotional issues, we gently look at what is going on, and find gentle and supportive ways to work through things, slowly but surely.

• With regards to life path, we can take a look at what truly matters to you, what you feel called to do, and how to follow that passion.

It all depends on the types of questions that you ask. No two readings are ever the same, even with the same person several weeks or months later.

I do not see death. I would caution anyone to avoid a reader that says they see death as it is the one thing that is no one's right to see. That being said I have made recommendations to people to contact or visit a loved one, and usually they have been thinking of doing that so I am simply encouraging them to do so. It may turn out that the person passes on soon after the visit, but I did not see that happening.

There is an old Irish saying that a good psychic can't tell you anything you don't already know. Somehow, somewhere buried deep inside us is that knowing. I'm here to help you remember how to access that intuition, work with it and reply on it more in the future.

© Shena Meadowcroft