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Friday, March 12, 2010


I have recently added a section on the right hand side of the blog (scroll down until you reach WORKSHOPS) with outlines of all the workshops that I offer.INTUITION & SELF-DISCOVERY
"Knowing" the Tarot - learning about ourselves though storytelling
"Knowing" the Self - honouring and trusting our intuition
Creating Women - honouring ourselves through creativity
Road Map to your Dreams - visioning the life we want
Living in Balance - bringing balance back into our lives

Journalling to my Self
- exploring ourselves through journalling
Journal to the Spirit - exploring our sacredness
Writers Write - getting you... and keeping you... writing
Poems from my Heart - listening to the words from our heart and soul
Crafting the Story - storytelling through the archetypes

Art Journals - visually recording the days of our lives
Intuitive Art - abandoning pre-conceived ideas and letting the art come through you
Check out the description in more details and let me know if you would like to organize a workshop in your area.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Don't ever be afraid to begin again.

Me? I love new beginnings! Maybe not all of them but a New Year, a new book to read, a new journal to write in, a new day timer or calendar. It speaks of second chances, new opportunities, untold possibilities…
So how come we sometimes also get that uncomfortable feeling that to begin all over again is slightly tainted with failure, especially when it involves relationships, friendships or other major changes in our lifestyles or career choices? Is it because society still expects us to make a choice in the major areas of our lives, somehow miraculously staying on course for the remainder? All very well and good, but apparently a lot of times life hadn't read the same rule book, and change we must.

As last year slowly wound down, I found myself re-reading a gem of a book entitled "Morning, Noon and Night" by Judy Collins. As is often the case, I gained further wisdom and insight from this talented and thoroughly authentic lady, a second time around. This particular passage truly struck gold for me:

"Starting again can give you a new focus and a new purpose. Beginning again is usually the next right thing, the next step in your journey, with a new view and the new excitement and new challenges. You will be up to it. You only need to start."

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Doing good... just because

I'm not that big on karma when it pertains to doing something good so you'll get something good back. It's a little too close for my liking to the concept of being good just so that you get to go to heaven. It's often said: "what goes around, comes around" and "what you give out, you give back."

I have to add an addendum to that: ONLY IF YOU DON'T DO SOMETHING WITH THAT SPECIFICALLY IN MIND! In my experience it is the things that we do from our own truth of who we are, and from our own hearts, with absolutely no intent of anything other than doing something good because it is … quite simply… a good thing to do.

Many years ago in one of my lifetimes in this lifetime, I taught basketry in Calgary, Alberta. Let me tell you, at that time if you could made a success as a basketry business there, you could make it anywhere doing almost anything! To what do I owe that success? I can attribute the better part of 85% of my business to one small thing I did the very first weekend I demonstrated basket weaving.
I had been allocated a young girl for the weekend as my helper. On the last evening we caught the tram together down to the parking lot where she was going to wait for her mother. It was cold and dark, and starting to snow. I offered to let her sit in my car, but, being well trained, she politely refused. So instead, even though I knew it was safe there, and I was longing to get home, I stayed and kept her company until her mother arrived, who was naturally very grateful.

What I had no way of knowing, was that her mother was the organizer of the whole weekend. Not only that, she was the commissioner for girl guides for the entire Calgary region. I lost count of the basketry badge workshops that I did for brownie, girl guide and older girl troupes, guide leader workshops, quilting groups, events this person recommended me for… the list is endless. No amount of marketing I have ever done for anything brought me as much business as this one lady. Just because it wasn't in me to leave a little girl alone in a dark, cold parking lot for fifteen minutes.
Recently something happened to remind me of this again. If you are interested in the whole story go to http://www.youcanbethedifference.blogspot.com/ March 1, 2010 entry –once again I acted spontaneously from the core of who I am, writing quite an emotional thank-you letter in response to something I felt strongly about. And through no planning or scheming on my behalf, the story of my letter has gone across Canada, and even further afield. I have no way of knowing how where this is going to lead, but as an Intuitive, once I saw how things were evolving, I know that good will come from this. Will it be for me? Who knows? And anyway, does that really matter?
What matters is the good. My gift is the wonderful reminder that if I always stay true to myself in every situation, and speak my truth from my heart, good things simply happen.