Empowering and teaching others to live life intuitively by remembering who we are, blending intuition with common sense, and coming from that place at all times ~ in all that we do...

So how do you get information?

Unlike most TV shows, movies or novels, I don't go into a trance, or invoke spirits and my voice certainly never changes. The only difference that I have ever detected is that the information that I give is way nicer than I may actually be as a person. I tend to have strong opinions and have to work very hard at not being judgmental on occasion. When I am working as an Intuitive the information I am getting is gentle, supportive, encouraging and very wise. I can't say those words apply to me at all times!!!

Information comes through in many ways. I get an impression or a feeling and essentially say whatever I receive. At the very beginning it felt far too obvious and way too easy, so of course I tried to make it more complicated, confusing myself and others in the process. I learnt very quickly that if I got: "Peanuts" I said: "Peanuts!" Images come though, words of a song or poem, flashes of something that I can relate to. When I lived in Brussels, Belgium in my twenties I was totally bilingual, having grown up there. I was often called to work as both a translator and an interpreter in the European Community, or the Common Market as it was called then. When you translate you tend to work initially word to word and then adjust the information grammatically to have it make sense. When you interpret however, you give the meaning behind what is being said.

A reading is similar. If I were to read tarot cards I would be translating what the cards are telling me. Because I work intuitively, I am interpreting what is being given to me. I always caution clients the first time to tell me immediately when something simply doesn't apply or make sense, and to not try to "make it" fit. Tell me immediately and I can ask for further clarification. It's just like any other form of communication: we sometimes get the wrong end of the stick. It happens seldom, and always, when asked again, the information comes back for the client in a way that is not subject to any form of misinterpretation.

When people learn that this is your profession they look at you quite differently. The first thought that crosses someone's mind is that I can "read their mind" – It may be hard to believe but it actually never occurs to me to do it. Besides, I find the idea unbelievably rude!!! After all, what someone else is thinking is absolutely none of my business!

I've been known to reply to someone who sidles up to me and says: "I'm really picking up…….. around you right now" that they obviously aren't very good at it, otherwise they'd be picking up how seriously annoyed I am about it!

Which is why I always work with questions. Your question gives me permission to work intuitively.

© Shena Meadowcroft