Empowering and teaching others to live life intuitively by remembering who we are, blending intuition with common sense, and coming from that place at all times ~ in all that we do...

How do you work? Where does the information come from? Are the sessions confidential?

How do you work?
With questions. Ask me a question and I will access all sorts of information for you. It's like any form of communication: the clearer the question, the clearer and more detailed the answer. I recommend to my clients that they make out a list of questions prior to the session and then ask themselves: "if I could only get one question answered, which one would it be?" That's the one to ask first. Don't leave the most important question to the last five minutes of the session.

The information and guidance come through me, and not from me. I have always been crystal clear about this.

Where do you think the information comes from?

I believe the information comes from whomever or whatever you believe created you. You can believe anything, even that you come from another planet (though it doesn't happen much.) I just don't consider it to be my business. What I do know is that in all the thousands of sessions I have done worldwide over the years the information has unfailing been useful, supportive, encouraging, pertinent, loving and timely. There is no judgment, no guilt, no fear-mongering or control. That doesn't mean to say that the information is always good, but it is always conveyed in the gentlest of terms. It doesn't mean that you'll like it, or you'll admit to it, but it is always what is right for you to hear at the time.

Are your sessions confidential?

Completely and utterly. First and foremost, I have never lost the feeling of complete humbleness that first of all I have been entrusted with this gift, and secondly that complete strangers repeatedly entrust me with their world. I honour both of those trusts with confidentiality. That being said, I also have absolutely no recall whatsoever of anything that I say in a session. For some reason, once the session is ended it is as if my memory is wiped blank. Any memories I do have are those that clients have shared with me, long after the fact. Many of my clients bring me their stories and give them to me to share with others. I keep the sources completely anonymous.

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