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Friday, May 4, 2012

Alone with my Self

So often I am asked how I learned to become an Intuitive. I believe that the greatest gift that each and every one of us came into the world with, is our intuition. How we become more in tune with this gift is through aloneness.

Ah Loneliness,
How would I know
Who I am
Without you?
“Loneliness” by Emma LaRocque

I looked the poem up for this post and found that I had actually been misquoting it for years saying: “Ah Loneliness, Without you I would never have found myself.”

It is in the finding of ourselves that we connect with, listen to, pay attention to, and finally act upon our intuition and the more that we do that, the more “intuitive” we are likely to become.

So let’s define “alone” – It doesn’t mean simply being on our own, it means a complete absence of all external distractions – that means no TV, radio, music, phone calls, computer or other people. It means being with the best thing of all – our selves. It’s sitting quietly, staring out the window, daydreaming or sitting curled up on the sofa with our eyes closed and simply being. Or spending time in nature by ourselves, contemplating our part in the whole scheme of things. It means journaling to discover how we truly feeling about something that is bothering us, and gaining insight into our thoughts and actions.

It’s about connecting with our inner being and getting to know who we truly are, how we feel about our lives, and the people and events around us. It’s about confronting our demons and asking for help and guidance around things that are troubling us. It’s finally about returning to the source of our own being, to remembering who we are and first becoming comfortable with that, and then, gradually, appreciating the wonderful gift of who we are and surrendering to the celebration of that wonder.

How can we do this? By putting our needs first before all else. By acknowledging that most things in our lives are simply distractions, conveniently disguised as “Important things to do” – by acknowledging once and for all that we DO come first, we are the most important “thing to do” – we owe it to ourselves to continually feed our souls, our beings. That we matter, we count, and that the fastest way to have everyone respect this, is by starting to respect ourselves and our need to be alone – with ourselves.

Start small. Few of us have the luxury of taking a retreat on a regular basis, but we can all take five whole minutes a day to begin with where we simply declare amnesty on ourselves and say “These five minutes are completely and utterly for me” Sit quiety in your favourite chair, curl up under the covers or find a quiet spot in nature and just be with yourself. After a week or so of doing this, make it ten minutes. Alone. No interruptions. Keep increasing the time bit by bit until you have carved out a certain amount of time each day completely and utterly just for you. Alone...

Welcome home!

Please share with me below your favourite way of being “alone”
Thank you 

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