Empowering and teaching others to live life intuitively by remembering who we are, blending intuition with common sense, and coming from that place at all times ~ in all that we do...

Friday, March 12, 2010


I have recently added a section on the right hand side of the blog (scroll down until you reach WORKSHOPS) with outlines of all the workshops that I offer.INTUITION & SELF-DISCOVERY
"Knowing" the Tarot - learning about ourselves though storytelling
"Knowing" the Self - honouring and trusting our intuition
Creating Women - honouring ourselves through creativity
Road Map to your Dreams - visioning the life we want
Living in Balance - bringing balance back into our lives

Journalling to my Self
- exploring ourselves through journalling
Journal to the Spirit - exploring our sacredness
Writers Write - getting you... and keeping you... writing
Poems from my Heart - listening to the words from our heart and soul
Crafting the Story - storytelling through the archetypes

Art Journals - visually recording the days of our lives
Intuitive Art - abandoning pre-conceived ideas and letting the art come through you
Check out the description in more details and let me know if you would like to organize a workshop in your area.

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