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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Don't ever be afraid to begin again.

Me? I love new beginnings! Maybe not all of them but a New Year, a new book to read, a new journal to write in, a new day timer or calendar. It speaks of second chances, new opportunities, untold possibilities…
So how come we sometimes also get that uncomfortable feeling that to begin all over again is slightly tainted with failure, especially when it involves relationships, friendships or other major changes in our lifestyles or career choices? Is it because society still expects us to make a choice in the major areas of our lives, somehow miraculously staying on course for the remainder? All very well and good, but apparently a lot of times life hadn't read the same rule book, and change we must.

As last year slowly wound down, I found myself re-reading a gem of a book entitled "Morning, Noon and Night" by Judy Collins. As is often the case, I gained further wisdom and insight from this talented and thoroughly authentic lady, a second time around. This particular passage truly struck gold for me:

"Starting again can give you a new focus and a new purpose. Beginning again is usually the next right thing, the next step in your journey, with a new view and the new excitement and new challenges. You will be up to it. You only need to start."

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