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Monday, March 2, 2009

Intuitive Insights

The greatest gift that we are all given at birth is our Intuition. As an Intuitive, I believe that each and every one of us has the answers that we need within. Sometimes we don't necessarily see them immediately, or want to admit to them, but within our hearts ~ we know. My job is simply to gently take a look with you at what is going on in your life, past, present and upcoming. I will offer you a different perspective, by reading between the lines and helping you to connect the dots, encouraging and empowering you to trust your own intuitive gifts and wisdom. I support you in making the choices that you know are right for you by giving concrete information and tools to do something about them!

“Your generosity and insight into my soul has been remarkable. You have given me lots to think about, reflect on, and visions for my own future.”

“Thank you for sharing all your wisdom ~ and for letting your light shine ~ I feel safe to be here.”

“I stand on this ledge, looking out over the ominous unknown, and I am no longer afraid. I know (finally) that I am not alone.”

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Intuitive Insights
Shena Meadowcroft

Looking at what is going on in our lives…
and what we can do about it

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I'm so happy I found your blog!