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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Make a Wish

On a cold snow-filled day in Calgary, Alberta in January of 2001, I sat down with soft music playing, a mug of tea, candles glowing, a pile of old magazines, a large board, and a wish in my heart.
All I knew was that I wanted to make a collage of what I wished to have in my life from that moment on. As the evening drew late, I let myself tear out images and words at random. Each piece of paper was then given a thorough going-over by my heart and soul: Is this exactly what I wanted from now on? If it passed the test, I glued it down.

The next morning it did vaguely occur to me that there were an awful lot of kayaks, beaches and forests in my finished collage, Calgary being on the prairies and all. But I had been true to myself and there, in plain sight, was my wish for my future.
Life, as it does, went on. By May I knew I had to sell my house and get rid of 90% of what I owned. Everyone asked where I was going. I hadn’t a clue! I wanted out of the city and even contemplated buying a motor home but could never quite manage to figure out where I’d put all my books, or “Magic” my daft (and 120lb) Lab, which were the two things that didn’t come under the 90% reduction rule. Besides, I’d have plenty of time to figure out where next between the house selling and the possession date.
Which ended up being 10 days… The morning after I sold the house I got on the computer and happened across a site called BC Classifieds… rentals… cottages (always wanted to live in a cottage!) which I rented sight unseen (totally out of character) and ten days later arrived on Vancouver Island with a magnificent view overlooking Qualicum Beach. It wasn’t until I unpacked after another move, this time into a forest that I discovered my collage. To my astonishment EVERY single word, phrase and image on it had come to pass.

This lead me to design a workshop called “Road Map to your Dreams,” and every time, every student has fulfilled their soul’s desire as per their collage. The hardest challenge they have is getting past the fact that it could actually happen!
My collages have now evolved into a large 9” x 11.5” art sketchbook or on-going WISH BOOK – On a regular basis I glue down pictures, images, phrases, words that represent what I want in my life. I keep in it wish lists, things I want help with, dreams still searching for the light of day… Right now I am looking for a place to live here on Gabriola. I’ve included are some of the pages from my WISH BOOK.
I went all out on my WISH LIST for my new home, down to the minutest detail, regardless of what I choose to spend on rent. I also write about what I am looking forward to doing there, like making jams this summer, or snuggling by the wood stove, or lounging in the hammock… I describe in detail “I am writing and painting, doing my work and intuitive counselling… caring for and growing my own vegetables…”
I glue… I write… I say “Please”… and “Thank You”… I dream… I wish… and most of all… I trust.

Go on, try it, make a wish…

Just be sure to let me know when it comes true!


violette said...

What a lovely post......I know how powerful it is to commit your wish to paper....especially if you add visuals! Bravo to you for manifesting your dream home.

Love, Violette

Shena Meadowcroft said...

Thanks Violette... it truly is a magical process if only we allow ourselves to try it! I plan to do it more often myself, but like everything else: we know it's good for us so how come it takes so long to remember that? Hmmm... I guess that's a good subject for another post...
P.S. and yes, I love my home more and more each day!